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May 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

We, photographers, are constantly looking for a partner, who could give us the chance to show our work at its best. For Sure, Saal Digital is a great partner.

They simply invite you to test them.The only ones on the market who say, come, have a voucher, test us and give us an honest review. Everybody else, give up to 20% discounts on Sample materials.Not Saal Digital.They really want you to test their products.So we decided to test One of their Wall Decors, a print on Acrylic Glass. And let me tell you the result was " wow ". Right now I am pretty sure that I could state that a photo could not show what my eyes can see. The finishing is state of the art. It makes you wonder if you took that photo. Everything is perfectly cut and on its place.The colours are amazing.Because the photo is protected by acrylic glass, it cannot be damaged. It also means that the colours appear particularly beautifully on the acrylic panel. In addition, this printing technique gives the image more depth. This effect increases with the thickness, and therefore the depth, of the acrylic panel.  The overall print quality is insane! So clear, so crisp, so vibrant. It's the best I have ever seen my work look. It is a spot on match to the display on my calibrated monitor. Blacks are rich, colors are vibrant, tiny nuances and soft differences in color are perfect. I am in love with this print. 

Thank you Saal Digital!


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